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As a certified ISV partner, Integrated-LMS developed a next generation Student Information Systems that seamlessly integrates the following modules to provide end-to-end higher education solutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Higher Education (for Profit and Non-Profit): Experience a unified view of every interaction that prospects, leads, students, and alumni have with your institution. Imagine social media connect with the people who matter to your organization; how you can build relationship with communities that can help your grow, and deliver your programs and services in innovative and efficient new ways. back to top

Admission Management System (AMS) - Cloud Platform from
Google Apps Integration
Built on the cloud platform, Admission Management System (also referred to as Enrollment Management System or Admission Management Software) transforms your institutions admission process with No Paper Forms online student admission system. This secure and reliable system facilitates the admissions office by managing all the pre and post admission processes at their fingertips. This includes applicant details, procedure details, integrating course catalog and calendar, document upload process, specific two-way communication trail for every task, requesting additional information, approval-denial process and archiving documents back to top

Student Information System (SIS) - Cloud Platform from
LMS - Moodle 2.0
Student Information System built on platform from Allows students a single sign-on, integrated system for course registration, payment management, online communication and collaboration, digital classroom (Moodle LMS), access to course performance analytics including online-library, grade report and external digital assets, etc back to top

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS - Moodle 2.0
Amazon Web Services
Amazon cloud-based elastic computing hosted Moodle Learning Management System: Experience multi-channel communication and tight integration with built Student Information System. Offers seamless data transfer among various systems to monitor student progress, reporting, grades and communication. Further, Integrated-LMS has several enhancements to allow multi-channel communication and integrations to external systems like Adobe Connect eLearning Solution, McGraw Hill digital assets, etc. back to top

Online Communication and Collaboration (OCC)

LMS - Moodle 2.0
Adobe Connect - OCC
Adobe Connect based online communication and collaboration: Extends your learning management system (LMS) to provide real-time two-way online communication and collaboration to learners and educators. Integrated-LMS provides a natural extension to Adobe Connect providing a rich web experience for distance learning, online courses and eLearning solution. back to top

Digital Assets Integration

Adobe Connect - OCC
Custom integration to work with McGraw-Hill digital assets needed in your course ware including electronic text books. back to top

Integrated LMS is dedicated in providing Higher Education institutions a the enterprise-class, secure, scalable, integrated and affordable solution for entire Student Life-Cycle Management.

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