Integrated LMS

The next generation cloud based education management system that delivers a CRM, SIS and LMS in one seamlessly integrated solution.

Technology Overiew
Integration School Information System with Learning Management System

Integrated LMS Jazz Platform

  • Built on platform
  • Single sign-on among all applications
  • Integrated with Amazon EC2 hosted LMS
  • Adobe-Connect for collaboration
  • Google Apps for communication
  • McGraw-Hill for digital assets
  • Moodle Learning Management System
Affordable Price
Clouds technology with Salesforce, Amazon and Adobe

Integrated LMS manages

  • End-to-end higher education solution
  • Multi-channel data exchange
  • Online collaboration and communication
Secure, Scalable and Affordable
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What is Integrated LMS

Integrated LMS is an integrated Student Information System on's cloud based platform that seamlessly integrates between CRM for education, Admission Management System (AMS), Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), Online Communication and Collaboration (OCC), and Digital assets.

Integrated LMS allows end-to-end higher education solution from prospect management to alumni relations; course registration to payment management; online classroom to online communication and collaboration; electronic library access to digital assets from various publishers with a single platform sign-on.

Integrated LMS, Inc. is an ISV partner with and can be downloaded from AppExchange to try free for 21-day trial. The complete suite is hosted on and integrated with open source learning management system (lms moodle) on a cloud platform, and CRM for education to track prospects and alumni.

Integrated LMS is built and delivered as a native cloud application; customers are up and running quickly with a simple pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service (SaaS) program that is affordable for both small online universities and large cyber institutions. Higher educational institutions and nonprofits can take advantage of further discounts via the Foundation.

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Integrated LMS helps manage your institution's

  • Prospective students, alumni, donors and other constituents in one place through powerful CRM for education
  • Admission management and enrollment management
  • Class registration to payment management through PayPal integration
  • Online virtual class room to grade reporting using moodle learning management systems
  • Online course collaboration and communication using Adobe Connect eLearning solution
  • Free email and robust collaboration tools through integrated Google apps for education
  • Real time analytics, reliability, scalability and security through for education

The Integrated LMS SaaS Model

  • Eliminate expensive hardware, software, and IT costs
  • Integrates the LMS, SIS, AMS, CRM, Gmail for Education, Alumni Relations, Collaboration Tools, eSolution, ebooks, elibrary into one single portal with single login
  • Delivers real-time analytics and access from anywhere at anytime
  • Allows for alumni tracking and new lead generation

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Our Partners


Future Proof

IntegratedLMS - Secure technology SECURE: Certified ISV Partner where code went through extensive security review processes. Data and system is secure and reliable.

IntegratedLMS - Scallable SCALABLE: Built on cloud computing platform from using state-of-the-art technology to ensure performance and availability.

IntegratedLMS - SIS and LMS integration INTEGRATED: Multichannel communication, data sharing and synchronization among all the enterprise-class systems on the cloud make it more affordable and customizable.

Adobe Connect OCC
Amazon Web Services

Force dot com - Salesforce
Moodle 2.0 - LMS
Google Apps Integration